Catch of the Day Award goes to Write 2 Fly-Fish



yeah I’m really not sure if I’m happy for you or just really jealous! Looks like the weather was perfect just to be out on the river but to land a torpedo like this is amazing! Anytime you want to read about some great fishing check this lady’s website out.
A fly-fishing blog based out of the Pacific Northwest; started by a fly-fisherwoman for the fly-fishing community.

Catch of the Day Award for June 6th – Hubbard’s Marina – Tiger Shark


I’ve never even seen one in person and this just makes me smile to see one like this. Sharks are a very important part of our oceans and I’m glad to see a company taking such great care of these lord’s of the ocean. Nicely done Hubbard’s!!


To book a great Florida fishing trip stop by Hubbard’s Marina

Dugan Lake BC Fly Fishing for Rainbows


With the sun starting to rise super early, I found it hard to wake up and get my butt to the lake on time. It was totally worth it. I was the only boat on the lake for the two hours that it took to get my limit (5). The hardest part of the day was watching a 5+ pounder swim away from 3 feet out from my boat. It was an incredible fight with multiple line strips down to my backing and just as I was reaching with the net I felt that awful pop of an involuntary catch and release. Oh well, I just have it on good authority that there are still big fish in the lake ha ha.



The method used today was trolling at speed one, on a 30lb thrust electic motor. 12 foot aluminum and staying in at least 30 feet of water with my black sinking line sitting at 15-18 feet deep. I only had about 9 feet of leader going down to 5 lb test at the fly. From the airplane I went straight towards the other side of the lake until the first fish hit. From there I just did circle patterns going mostly with the sun on my right and left.


The only stomach contents were the little side stripe minnows shown in the picture above. No chironomids yet and no dragon larvae. The minnows ranged from 2-3 inches.

My fly took an absolute beating this morning. It was a freshly tied olive marabou leech with a golden egg and silver ribbing. Tied on a size 12 hook with a long skinny tail. To tie this fly do a search on youtube for videos on the marabou micro leech and you’ll get lots of how to’s. I really find that the golden egg at the front of the hook is what does the trick. You’ll see a lot of guys using gold beads right now and this is very much like that, but these egg beads are clear and really seem to shine in the water.


Good luck out there everyone!

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Catch of the Day Feb 23rd 2014


Congrats to Fly Fishing Washinton’s win for catch of the day!


What an amazing fish! Just look at the silver on this fish, and the smile on that angler. There’s nothing like it, when you first feel that strike and realize this is a dream fish you have on the line. Jess I think it’s safe to say that you have some jealous people looking at you right now. We’re happy for him right guys?

Fly of the Day Award: Intruder Pattern Blue and Pink


In the limited intruder patterns that I’ve used I can’t help but always going for this type of colour. The guides that I’ve been with and the friends that have taken me out always love to use this blue/purple or blue/pink style.


What an amazing fly pattern this was is, the second I saw it I’m like… ok how long to get to Vancouver Island and then to the rivers and how much is going to cost…

There’s nothing like finding that perfect steelhead hole, and nailing the perfect cast just waiting for that hit. Intruder flies are simply intruding into the fly pattern world with force and for good reason.

They’re getting more versatile than any other fly pattern out there if only for the tube system that always swaping out parts if you will to change up your fly patterns. You can add or take away sections as you see fit by simply tying sections onto small tubes and then adding tubes to your line where they slide down to the hook.

If anyone has some great intruder patterns please email the images to and let’s get them posted.

Do You Fish in the Rain? Kris Krug Does Check This One Out



For many of us there’s really nothing worse than getting up on a fishing day to see the rain bouncing off the window.

Ok so maybe this one’s for the Mythbusters: Will fish really bite more in the rain and will bigger fish bite more in the rain.

My theory on the subject is that fish DO bite more in the rain, without a doubt from trout to salmon they will bite more… if just for the fact that less boats are on my favorite spots when it rains haha.

How to have more fun fishing in the rain:

That’s depends on your boat. The better your boat cover has the easier it is to get out there in the rain. Consider purchasing a different boat if you live in a high rain area.

Get the right rain gear. There’s nothing like having that rain gear that just doesn’t let a drop through, it’s almost like you’re standing there with drop pelting your hood and you think… take that mother nature.

Keep your core warm. For the brave, it doesn’t matter how wet you are as long as your warm. Get the layers going with cotton first and then wool. Wearing a hat will really make a difference as well.

Chris Ford – Found a way to go do some crazy salmon fishing and get PAID for it



This morning I bumped into a picture that really caught my eye. As I sit here and thank my lucky stars that I get to write about fishing all day for a living… I can’t help wanting to do exactly what Chris Ford did. My hat’s off to you my friend.

Why the hell not drop what your doing and take a fishing job in Alaska for a few weeks? A little scary perhaps but just think about the experience you’ll have seeing the real open waters of Alaska and how plentiful the fishing can really be.

I mean really, just look at that chrome torpedo. It’s time everyone, take your holidays and book a flight to Alaska. Get out on a boat and work your guts out all day slinging the biggest fish you’ll see in your life. After work get onto a friend’s boat and go catch some more.

Well done Chris.

The Fish are Feeding Well even with the Ice on the Water – Check These Babies Out



Both of these guys are over 20 inches no to tail. But the really remarkable thing about them is how much food is in their stomachs. It’s been a super warm winter and there’s no way I’m complaining.

With a warm winter like this we’re bound to see an early spring which means getting out there onto the open water a little sooner than normal.

Both of these guys were caught on power bait just off the bottom. Using a small jig and 4 lb test with nothing else is what got them to strike. No extra weights and no flashers.

It’s hard to tell when you’re at the bottom in 35 feet of water but with thin line you’ll be able to tell. Pull the jig up off the bottom giving about 2-3 feet of distance between the bottom and your jig.

Every few minutes start to give a little life to your hook but bouncing it up and down moving the tip of your rod only about 1-2 inches at most. All you need is a little movement like a shrimp feeding on something.

Kokanee Fishing on Chimney Lake Cariboo, BC



Well it was one of the coldest days I’ve ever ice fished at a balmy -25 this morning but decided I was going to get some pictures of Kokanee for the ice fishing crowd.

One thing I learned today was to keep the propane full in my heater… oh well we still got our limit and then ran for the truck.


The technique:

Small silver flasher with about 14 to 16 inches of line with a small jig about 3/32 size and either maggots or small bit of krill. Seemed to do well on either bait. I was going to try out a bit of power bait but didn’t get to it. I’ll try it out next time I go.

We had a depth sounder showing the level the fish were at and promptly sent our lines to meet them. One thing I found early in my Kokanee fishing career is to keep your line moving up and down at all times, it’s the only way to really know when a fish bites. I’ve tested the theory by leaving a rod in a rod holder while using a rod 10 feet away moving up and down constantly. I got my limit on the rod in hand and the one on the ice in the holder never saw a bite (that I could tell).

Kokanee bite very VERY carefully and it’s the constant jigging that sets the hook before you even know you have one. I can’t emphasize this enough to anyone just get started. Raise the rod up about a foot and quickly drop it back down. As soon as the line tightens up or within a few seconds repeat the process.

The Depth:

Most of the fish we caught were at about 15 feet below the ice, people were catching them at 25 feet but losing a lot of them by the time the got to the surface.

Most of the fish we caught were about 14 inches and we saw a few monsters come up. The owners of the fish opted out of photography sadly but I’ll try again in a few days.

Chimney lake is an amazing area to fish with Kokanee hitting 2 pounds now and again. Our haul today was a bit of an exception on the smaller size. To get to this lake head to Williams Lake in the Cariboo region of BC and head out on dog creek road until you get to Chimney Lake road.

Deep Sea Fishing in Cancun Near Isla Mujeres – Fishing Report


It was the trip of lifetime, I was about to get married in Playa Mujeres Mexico and the guys decided to get out and do some fishing.

This photo is the monster Bonito that I hauled in off Isla Mujeres.

The Location: Playa Mujeres – Just north of Cancun by about 20 minutes. Just off shore is Isla Mujeres, a small not to be missed island where you can rent golf carts to tour the island while drinking beer that you picked up in a drive through but that’s another article.

The hotel we stayed at is called “The Beloved” and was at this point, the best resort I’ve had the pleasure to call home base while taking in some fishing.

The Prey: Marlin and Bonito

A little about the rare Bonito: It’s one of the hardest, toughest to drag aboard a boat I’ve ever had the pleasure to call dinner. I’ve never eaten a fish quite like it and maybe that’s praise going to the chef but whatever. I will be doing this again, without a doubt. If I had to compare it something, I would call bonito the steak of the ocean.

The Marlin we caught were all released after grabbing a few photos. This was my first time tackling the brutes and won’t be the last.


Now, for all of you wondering, no the guide is not kneeling down, that’s his actual height. He was a CHAMPION fisherman that I will never rival in my entire lifetime. I expected maybe that the guide would galf the fish and need help from the crew to pull it aboard or something but this guide did it by himself and no it wasn’t a fluke if that’s what you’re thinking. He did it multiple times with each fish and never lost a single one. What did he do? As the fish approached the boat he grabs it by the sword on the nose with gloved hands and without missing a beat pulls it aboard like it’s worth it’s weight in gold ten times over.

If you’ve never been out fishing like this please put down your mouse and go tell your boss you need some time off. The experience is amazing and the photos will make you relive it time and time again. As I write this article I have trouble concentrating on my work as I wonder how to tell my wife that we’re heading to Mexico again.

To book your trip:

There are loads of charters just waiting to take you out. For the people who don’t care about price but want the best just book with the guys above. They offer a fair price, but for those that want a deal or to barter just head to the marina and start asking around.

Fishing for Bass in Mexico? uh Hell Ya!



Credit: Anglers Inn, call (800) GOTA FISH (800-468-2347), e-mail or visit their website at

Ok this is a completely new one for me, I never even had the thought of fishing for bass in Mexico. Looks like I’m adding a new one to the bucket list.


This article is really worth the read for sure. For the area, a lot of the fish coming up were in the 10 pound range. If it’s time to get down to Mexico and hook into some monster largemouth bass then head to Mazatlan and book your 3 or 4 day package at the Anglers Inn.


Snowmobiler Charged After Crashing into Ice Fishing Hut



Almost every year we hear about this kind of thing and there’s just no reason for it.

Chautauqua is where a 31 year old woman ran into an ice fishing hut and almost taking out 3 other people. And yes before you even have to ask… she was drinking.

The two charges laid down where driving under the influence and driving too fast within 100 feet of a person or ice fishing structure.

Meanwhile… in Canada…

FAA Puts a Stop to Beer Delivery via Drones to Ice Fisherman



Now, initially I’m thinking to myself what a cool idea. Firstly, I think it would be one of the best jobs in the world.

So, what do you do for work? Ooohhh I’m a drone pilot for beer delivery to people ice fishing.

But the first rule has to be talked about which is no more alcohol in a public place and secondly you have to have a commercial pilot’s license of some type to fly anything and make money at it.

The only reality I see in this is that if an ice fishing resort where to take it on only deliver beer to people within a certain range it might work. The question begs, how are they going to order another one? Perhaps with radios or something simpler like taking a box of flags out on the ice with you and simply fly the flag that depicts the type of beer you’d like to order. Every 2-3 minutes a pilot/waiter scans the horizon looking for flags posted as a “please bring me another Coors” and then take the flag down as your drone approaches.

Where to Swim with Whale Sharks



Locations for Swimming with Whale Sharks:

Isla Holbox Mexico
La Paz Mexico (near Los Cabos) All photos are from here.
Utila Honduras – Peak is March to April
Ningaloo Reef Australia
Gladden Spit Belize
Donsol Bay Philippines
Tofo Beach Mozambique
South Mahe Seychelles
Koh Tao Thailand
South Ari Atol Maldives

Depending on the time of year you’ll want to plan your location if departing from North America:
Summer Locations: Isla Holbox, Utila, South Mahe, Koh Tao
Winter Locations: La Paz, Utila, Ningaloo, Gladden Spit, Donsol Bay, Tofo Beach, South Mahe

How to swim with these gentle giants on a budget:

Los Cabos Mexico is one of the cheapest ways to swim with whale sharks simply because there are all inclusive resort packages for under $1000 per person with tax included. From there you simply book a tour for about $170 – $190 per person with transportation included to La Paz. La Paz is about 2 hour north taking the new highway. Once in La Paz (downtown) it’s about 15 minutes drive in a boat outside the marina area where the sharks are swimming at the surface.

If you are travelling in fall be sure to think about going to Isla Holbox as the sharks gather from June to September. If you’re travelling later than September and want somewhere warm and not too far way then consider La Paz Mexico staying in Los Cabos. Although La Paz has sharks in the winter, the water clearity is not very good. For those of us who just want to swim with the sharks and tick it off on the bucket list, La Paz is a great choice.


How do you swim with the sharks?

Once you’ve found a boat or tour to take you out to the locations, you basically sit on the bow of the boat with your snorkel or scuba gear on and ready to go. The boat captain brings you up along side the shark while the guide jumps in first. Once the guide is swimming with the shark he lifts his arm to call you into the water. Normally you’re just ahead of the shark which allows you time to swim over.

As a long time surfer, it was quite a feeling to be sitting on the side of a boat seeing this giant shark shape at the surface. It was against every instinct I had to watch the mammoth shark 15 feet away and still jump into the water. A few moments later I noticed the tail gliding slowly back and forth which gave me the most incredible feeling of do this/don’t do this. Seconds later all fear is washed away like you’ve known this animal all your life but just haven’t seen your friend in a while. You realize you’re not in danger and wonder overwhelms you.

Although I’m dead against interfering with wild animals trying to survive, there are simply two options the shark has. One, myself annoyingly swimming along side stuffing a camera in its face or option two. Hunters doing the unthinkable. Please remember to give the shark room. You will remember this day for the rest of your life, get that amazing photo and spread the awareness of how cool whale sharks really are.

Great Fish Caught This Morning at Dugan Lake 2.8 Pounds and 21 Inches Long



With the heat being so extreme this year, you have to really get up before sunrise while it’s still cold out in order to get the big ones to bite. For me it’s the only time I’ve been able to get ANY fish to hit the hook. If it’s sunrise at 6:30am I generally start at around 5:30am and the fish will hit only until about 7:30 or 8:00 am.

The fly is my Muddy Bloody leech pattern on a balanced hook sitting at 20 feet down from my indicator and I’m sitting in about 30 feet of water. No need to cast this setup, just toss the hook out and feed the line until the indicator is at 20 feet (marked on my leader) then set the indicator and toss it out in front of the boat. You can see how far away my indicator was when the fish hits. I’ve had fish hit with the indicator between my legs.

In calm waters like this I then bounce the indicator in the water, not lifting it out of the water but just give it enough action to get the fly moving down there.

When I fish like this it literally takes minutes before the first fish hits!

Have fun!

Big Rainbow Trout Pictures and Stories


Well I just had to spend some time looking at pictures of big rainbow trout. As a personal rule, any trout that are 20 inches long and over is considered a trophy rainbow.

Ok here we go, I decided to build this article because at times of the year it can pretty discouraging if you haven’t caught any fish of good size. This is evidence that you CAN get out there and catch the rainbow trout that beats all others. Check out some of these big trout.

Man that’s a big trout!

Haha this guy’s got a “I just caught a monster trout” smile

Ok this one is insane, these guys seriously know what they’re doing… 30 inch monster, that’s 2.5 feet long!

Another amazing trout, the length on this one is just about unbelievable.

Ok haha this guy gets honorable mention simply because the fish clearly weighs more than he does.

Another awesome chrome, careful buddy don’t break the tail!

OMG Huge Trout Out of the Ice – Didn’t Think It Was That Big



Omg I didn’t think it was that big of a fish until it came out of the water. I tell ya, this is the kind of fish that any ice fisher would looooove to get on the end of the line. I’m not the biggest ice fishing guy but love to get out there and cook food on the ice. I find that the fish don’t fight as much and man do I hate losing fish right at the ice when the fish drags my line on the edge of the ice.

Click Here for the Video

RC Helicopter Fishing for Small Sunfish



Hhaha this video is kinda funny. The quality is NOT there for the video, but it would be a really fun idea for sure. I’ll try to get a video done for this with maybe carrying the line out into the water and dropping off a strike indicator. If you tried this with anything larger than little sunfish, I’m sure it would pull the heli into the water.

Helicopter Fishing


Abbott Lake Fishing Report


Just took another trip out to Abbott Lake near Horsefly, BC.

This little lake is one of the best lakes I’ve ever had the pleasure of fishing. I’ll be heading out there again this weekend. The lake is about 45 feet deep at the deepest and drops off quickly at the edge.

Check out how red the meat is, the fish feed mostly on small shrimp and dragonfly larvae.

The best flies to use at Abbott Lake are by far chironomids but for trollers you’ll want to get the dragonfly larvae out. Fish at about 20 feet down with a full sink line.

abbott3 abbott4 IMG_0671

Killer Whale Bites Salmon in Half


Killer Whale Eats Salmon

Click the link above to see the video.

This is one video to watch if you like fishing for HUGE salmon, It was a beauty of a fish and I hate to spoil the ending but an Ocra (killer whale) gets the last laugh on this one for sure.

These guys are fishing in Alaska, keep your volume down as there’s some “on the water” language.

Fast Forward to the 1 minute mark if you want to get to the best of the video.

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